The Staff

Matthew Norman - Owner

A Trussville native, Matthew Norman has always enjoyed people. He’s tried in fact to make it the corner stone of the restaurant.

“You can eat anywhere. You can go there, or there… that place over here. I hear this place is good…  so on and so on. Sure, food is nourishment that we need but, people want more. They want to be part entertained, part belong-to-something. They want to feel like they are breaking bread amongst friends! Eating becomes almost secondary these days. We want to be the ones that make that “something more” happen for people. We want to end the day as something  greater for the guests. If you come in and eat and feel like just a number, then we have failed you and that’s the God’s honest trust. We ARE in the food business, but we rely on the people aspect of it SO much more. They are what we do. They are why we are here. They keep us honest and in check. AND THEY make us so happy to do what we do every single day!”

Matthew Norman is a 20 year veteran. He’s managed to work just about every station in a restaurant so he is a little more intimate with the ins and outs what is strived for, what is expect and of how something is supposed to be achieved.

Matthew is supported by his wife, Nicole “the Boss”, his mother and father – Richard and Mary Ann and by his son Noah.

In addition to family, Matthew strives to hire the best people suited to take care of you – the guest and is always on the lookout for new talent!